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[WORKS] Multiple Orgasm Experience (VERY STRONG)

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[WORKS] Multiple Orgasm Experience (VERY STRONG)

Postby MS-DOSE » Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:16 pm

I'm new on this forum, a couple years ago a friend of me told me about iDoser. I got the program with some doses, but I never tried it. Some months later I tried acouple doses and they did work, atleast I did feel something which cannot be a coincidence but I wasn't really impressed because I had other shit on my mind. Since a couple days ago I decided to use some doses, just for fun and decided to write a review about this those. Why not? I'm going to play with doses (really want to try the Coke one). Since these dose's are harmless because real drugs like Coke contain many chemicals which are dangerous and will destroy your body.

I started with the Multiple Orgasm dose, it was my first time with this dose. Before I continue this review I'm going to share a couple tricks in order to get these doses to work.

How to get a dose to work:
1 - Before you start with a dose make sure you already had a good meal, dont dose with an empty stomach, atleast I get distracted my stomach telling me to eat! So just eat something if you're hungry.
2 - Make sure you get the right volume! When I used this dose the volume of my iPod was on 75/80 percent.
3 - Take an extreme warm shower, so your muscles will relax and when you're lying in bed you wont distracted by cold feets/hands/nose.
4 - When you're in bed make sure your area is dark, the best way to use iDoser is in the night. Because normal people will be sleeping (while we junkies are playing with doses :unibrow:). The chance you'll get distracted by some neighbour who's mowing his lawn is small (else call the cops ... what? its an iDrug right?)
5 - Relax! yes, when your in your bed you need to relax, lay down into a position that really suits you and relax your muscles (thats why I recommend a hot shower).
6 - The hardest part: In order to get it to work you need to listen to the music/beat. You really need to focus on it, stay on it, don't think about other stuff, its just you and the dose!

So lay in your bed, set your MP3 player on the right volume,close your eyes and relax 'n focus on the music, that all you need to do! Believe me this iDose stuff is not fake it does work.

The Review:
I started with the points mentioned above, I got the MP3 version on my iPodusing the regular iPod eaphone plugs (how ever you call them). I set the volume on 75%, got into a comfortable position in my bed and played the dose.

The dose starts like usual, somekind of intro and I telling my self to focus. I don't know about a couple minutes I really felt something, it's that feeling like nearly cumming. It was gone quickly, I was like WTF that felt F%%^&* great, gimme that feeling back! So continuing listening to the dose, I was pretty happy, some moments later I felt a very nice feeling in my stomach (no it wasn't the food), it was damn very hard to describe, its something you need to experience! It kept going on and on, after a couple minutes I couldn't control my breath. As soon I opened my mouth breathing deeply I felt something like an orgasm, it's very similiar to the real deal. ITS HOWLY SHIT F&%^&* GREAT, it kept going for like one minute! OMG, I couldnt control my breath and I had an orgasm like feeling that lasted pretty long. Again the effect was gone, nothing happend as the dose kept playing and again I couldn't control my breath and there it was, the orgasm effect, this time it was very strong as deeper I started to breath as better the feeling got I even started to smile and laugh! I had this like 5 times with one dose.

Final Words
It's not a real orgasm where you launch your seed but it's even better, a real clean orgasm(s) without any evidence (LOL). It's not a placebo effect like many people say, I know what I felt I swear to God this iDose shit really works. iDoser is not FAKE, people who say so probably don't know how to focus on the dose(see the tips I mentioned before).

I have no f^&* idea how the labrats at the iDoser lab did it but it really works! The effects are very very veeeery strong, I'm very impressed how they managed to make stuff like this. I really can recommend this dose to beginners. As long to follow my tips it should work for you! For the people who're using other doses you guys really should try this, it's a great dose you wont regret.

I really wonder what other people have to say about this dose, did anyone here had the same experience as I?
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Level 3 (30-49)
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Re: [WORKS] Multiple Orgasm Experience (VERY STRONG)

Postby SadLittlePony » Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:56 pm

Thank you thank you for a very nice review bountiful with information and ideas for users to make their doses work. I agree with you that none of this is fake and it bothers me when people say they cant get it to work.
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Re: [WORKS] Multiple Orgasm Experience (VERY STRONG)

Postby MS-DOSE » Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:21 pm

Well no problem. I will do more in the future, it's better for teens to use iDoser then the real deal, as iDrug doesn't contain any chemicals which will destroy your body. I know skeptics say that this is fake, ofcourse they will say that they're skeptics it's their job to bash something. I saw some item from the news where they bashed iDoser, laughed about it, played a small sample of a dose and (with laughter) said "oh now we're going to get stoned". I found it very childish and unprofessional, it's like going with a camera on the streets, find someone and laugh and bash him/her completely without knowing the person.

As I said before, I really did feel the orgasms that cannot be something imaginary or placebo effect. I have no F^%* idea how they managed to make something like this, I'm really impressed.

Yes I really hope my tips will help out people who want to enjoy iDoser. I might write somekind of guide for people on how to get this stuff to work.
Level 3 (30-49)
Level 3 (30-49)
Posts: 49
Joined: Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:41 pm

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