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Postby subway » Fri Dec 14, 2007 1:48 pm

Alright im just going to add a page of my own tips, that i use which really help:

CHAPTER 1 (Setting up)

So you start by walking in to your room and you decide to do Idoser.
follow these steps.

1) GO PEE! and get all your everyday burdens over with. Feed the dog and let it outside . Finish your homework, and get all your chores off. eat some cheese. cheese with fill you up. Even if you are not mentally thinking about food, your body may crave it, thus affecting how fast or what meditation state you are able to reach.

2) Make sure your bed is comfy, and take off anything that is uncomfortable.

3) First you want to not think about the dose you're going to take. Just dont think too much about.

4) Chill out. Make sure before you lie down your breathing deeply, untill your heartrate slows down to a sleeping rate.

5) Throw on a dose like reset, or calm me. Let that chill your mind out and just relax. Now is the time to think about whatever the hell you have to think about. Get rid of these thoughts while the reset gets your body used to the meditation state. While thinking and letting your mind set up, make sure to do a sound check. check your volumes. and make sure your cord length is far enough.

6) turn off your phone and lock your room door. Turn off your lights, and close your blinds. Clog the strip of light under your door with a towel.

7) make sure no wire is touching your neck or your body to wear you can feel it. this will f*ck with you during the dose and may make you think that your tripping when your really not, which can ruin a dose.

After the first coarse is over and your all set up. you are ready to try your chosen dose.

*The more nooby you are, the more of a settele dose you want to start with. Dont go straight to HOG. If you do you may very well not get anything.


Now your all ready to go and you are chill and relaxed. you have all your thoughts and needs outa the way.

8) start the dose while sitting still (whether your sitting up or not) but sit still and feel the beats, and let your mind sink in to it.

9) Once youve let the beats sink in then lie down on your pillow (stiff pillow)
and fold a cotton t-shirt of blanket and put it over your eyes, just above your nose, so that you can breath with your nose. Make sure your eyes have room under the blanket to blink and twitch. Pull the region of the blanked thats over your eyes, up a little bit to achieve this. Make sure that you cant see anything but darkness, and can blink with out your eyelashes touching the blanket. Now you can trip without worrying about what to look at with your eyes closed. You are now going to keep them open the whole dose, blink when you need but you wont have to as much.

10) Next make sure your legs are NOT crossed, and are not touching each other. Make sure your arms are not folded over your body, and are also not touching each other. Connect your thumb and your finger together and make sure your hands are rested comfortably.

11)Now tune in to the dose and start your counting. Dont count backword from 100-0. For alot of new users, it will take alot longer than that to throw your mind in to a subconsoiuse state. I usually start from a large random number such as 847 (not too high though). And i start counting backwords. This works better becuase it take a good amount of consentration to count from this kind of a number starting out on this random number.

12)When you get thrown in to the subconscious state you may not no it yet, but you will start repeating the number in your head or go back to a number you have already said. Just let it go. Let your mind just count. You may get to zero without anything happening, in this case start over, at a diffrent number.

13) picture the number in your head while saying it. When you start to get in a trance it will be fun tring to remember what a number looks like.

14)Try to feel the beats affect your stomach muscles, and jsut relax. Let your stomach feel like its moving around and get all tingly.

15) When you lock in to a trance you will start to know when the pulses get much louder, and more identifiable, sometimes even slower.


16) Now youve finally gone in to a trance. And its time to just let your mind goo. Now you can start to think.

17)Do not think about the trip too much. Just try to chill and not think about it till after the dose.

18)While in a trance your head will move, your hands will twitch, and your fingers will move. LET THEM GO. If you start to roll over, then go with it. If you try to correct yourself, your mind will start functioning again.

19) When you get deeeeeep in to a state, you may stop hearing the beats and pulses, in this case dont freak out. Your still going. They may just get really soft. Either way just keep consentrating.

22)Now is the time to F*ck with your mind. At this time, your mind is just letting what happens happen. So tell yourself your rocking on a boat, or your bed is spinning. (of coarse your inducing a placebo, but it has to start like that) So start by beliveing your rocking back and forth, and after a while it will TOTALLY feel like that.

23) Just look forward, at whatever you can see. Black dots, white dots, and let the grow. Your mind will now start to hallucinate (small. You wont see a gnome run in and smile at you. But everything starts small.)

24) The dose is over, but your trip isnt. Lie there for a while. For some doses, or some dosers, this is when the trip just begins. You are now finally in the state your supposed to be in. So lie ther and get the full affect, or replay the dose!! :evil: now your actually going to get the affect. Your mind is used to the dose, and you will now do it again x 10.

In my case this is what i had to do with Crystal meth. I got the whole feeling. The never ending rush, the super icecold feeling, the wind blowing in my face, the gravity getting really strong, and my failed reaction, and sence of reality. but it took me 2 times in a row. The first time i barely got anything.

I will come up with more of my tips as i remember them, and when i do i will post them.

The main thing is to stay positive and practice everyday. It took me 2 months to actually fully get the effect out of idoser. After my first month when i finally started to feel a tiny bit affected, i thought i was finally good at it. Im still not done, and everytime i do it i only get better, and better experiences.

Some doses work for me, some dont. But the ones that doo really doo.

The first dose to really reallyclick for me was Genisis. Then Peyote.

I Learned from the first Tip page given as a sticky on this forum which was great. Then i used these skills on top of those. So follow both.

So keep going!! Have fun 8)
Peace everyone.
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Level 4 (50-199)
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Postby D13G0 » Fri Dec 14, 2007 6:44 pm

That's really great advice.. i need to print it off for my friends to learn!! Thanks.
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Postby spencer » Sun Dec 16, 2007 1:53 am

it is really good advice
i think it will help me get the full effects out of the doses
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Postby subway » Mon Dec 17, 2007 1:43 pm

Yea def. this stuff will really help. Pm me if you have any more questions. Im happy to help

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Postby paprika-killer » Thu Dec 20, 2007 11:35 am

**12)When you get thrown in to the subconscious state you may not no it yet, but you will start repeating the number in your head or go back to a number you have already said. Just let it go. Let your mind just count. You may get to zero without anything happening, in this case start over, at a diffrent number.**

I had no effects yet, but I did have this happening once, quite funny actually.
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Postby Itprotj » Thu Dec 20, 2007 8:16 pm

Really good advice man! Good work!
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Postby Eskimo » Thu Dec 27, 2007 11:29 pm

Thanks for all the advice amigo.
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Postby Hidalgo » Fri Dec 28, 2007 3:21 pm

These tips are so friking great ! :-D thanks !
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Postby subway » Mon Dec 31, 2007 12:12 am

haha np guys, glad i could help. Keep up the dosin 8)

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Level 4 (50-199)
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Postby swishahouse512 » Tue Jan 22, 2008 4:28 pm

Finneus J. wrote:Apart from the spelling errors (and who really cares anyway), this is the best advice I've seen, ever.

Hi, lol
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Postby subway » Tue Jan 22, 2008 9:42 pm

Lmao what the hell was that swisha hahahaha. But yea thanks man. i appreciate it.
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Postby imagineperfect33 » Wed Jan 23, 2008 5:11 pm

thankziez mwahaha
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Postby UnknownFear » Thu Jan 24, 2008 6:38 am

These are great tips, subway, and I tried doing a dose following your tips, but it didn't work. I tried really hard to focus, but my eyes would get tired and I'd fall asleep, alerting myself to stay awake and trying to focus on the dose. I did try A-BOMB and that seemed to race my heart when the pitch changed. Peyote gave me a sense of spinning around my bed and seeing VERY fainy visuals, but that only lasted 5 seconds. The very first time I tried Peyote, I was amazed as it was my VERY first dose to try :P I got really hot, numb, and I saw very clear visuals of spinning circles. I also had some pretty weird dreams :P But I really need some help with this man.
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Postby Zilverw0lf » Thu Jan 24, 2008 5:53 pm

Thx :-D i just started out with i-doser but i didn't get it to work =/ i thought i might was immune or it was just placebo but those tips was really useful :-o i tried alcohol 2 times and the second time i got effects :D . I-Doser 1$ TH3 $H1T
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Postby Shrimpo » Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:13 pm

Great tips, i just hope it'll work on an ADHD kid. I always think too much and when i get an affect i start thinking about it and it fades away :-( . Or i fall asleep and then i wake myself up and the whole dose is ruined...
well, thanks anyways! :D
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