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my first experiences (orgasm, multipleo and ritalin)

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my first experiences (orgasm, multipleo and ritalin)

Postby shivasjoy » Tue Dec 29, 2009 10:20 am

hi! as mentioned in the subject i tried these 3 doses and i must confess, that i'm very pleased by the effects they had! i never imagined it would be that strong! currently i'm on the ritalin dose. it really somehow feels like amphetamine (i have naver taken real methylphenidate, but amphetamine). it's not that euphoric and i'm not that focused (but there certainly is a increase in my ability to concentrate on studying), but i'm definitely wide awake (have been very tired before) and feel the urge to be productive! :eek: i think next time i'm going to try the dexies one, maybe this gets me more focused.
the other two experiences i had yesterday were even more intense!
i started with the orgasm dose which got me hard in seconds and made me very arroused. my erection was so hard, it had not been that hard often in my life. my penis started pulsating and i dropped a lot of precum. the feeling wasnt really like an orgasm, but it was like beeing very close to it. during the deep frequencies the feeling was the best. the higher frequencies weren't that arousing.
later, i put on the multipleo which got me very hard contracions in my penis and my whole body. it felt very good, but the feeling wasn't as intense as it was with the orgasm dose. but it was very nice. it too, didn't give me a real orgasm, but towards the end of the dose i decided to touch myself (i was so horny, i couldn't not do it anyway) a bit and the orgasm that followed was just amazing! it was nearly as good as an orgasm achieved by a porstatemassage! it was real great pleasure.
i can really recommend these three doses! i decided to tell you about these experiences because there wasn't any experience-report on the ritalin-dose available in this forum before and the joy of the other two doses was so intens, so i had to tell you. :D
i'm looking forward to more experiences like this! i-doser really works far better than i expected!

edit: oh, i forgot to mention that i listened to the ritalin dose one hour before and the effects are still the same! this is awesome! i'm gonna post how long the effects lasted in total, when they subsided completely!
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Postby Bloodbane424 » Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:56 am

You might want to edit your post and put in some proper grammar...

Other then that nice experiences.
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